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released August 12, 2014

Sebastian Paba - Vocals
Jarred Chan - Guitar
Kevin Burke - Guitar
Jason Jenkins - Bass
Harry Corrigan - Drums

All songs written by: Regulate
Recorded by: Taykwuan Jackson
Artwork by: Danny Elder



all rights reserved



New York
Straight Edge

Sebastian - Vocals
Jarred - Guitar
DanMax - Bass
Botti - Guitar
Harry - Drums

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Track Name: End Action
so much of your time thinkin of the future that you forget where you are and you forget whats goin on cause you're a slave to one days and what ifs and that's no way to live whats life if you're gonna waste and whats today and if you're gonna regret it I'm livin for right now and that's how it is so tomorrow i don't wake up wishin that i did

you made me this way I'm conditioned to kill I do it out of hate and I love the thrill

You say I go out lookin for trouble but I like to think that I just welcome it cause i find motherfuckers like you that have no clue about the fucked up things I wanna do to you the thoughts I have you couldn't relate its a mixture of boredom and years of rage

you made me this way I'm conditioned to kill I do it out of hate and I love the thrill

Couldn't care less if I died tomorrow but if the good die young I'm gonna live forever

I like bleeding and screaming and fighting and fucking my life's worthless so fuck it bleeding and screaming and fighting and fucking my life's worthless fuck it

its never enough just to see the blood I need the look of fear I need the screams to stop
Track Name: Force Tactics
sometimes you cant reason with em
sometimes you cant speak to em
and sometimes you gotta beat it into them

they never think their actions deserve consequence
and they always say that what they said was never meant
show them its too late
make them pay for their mistake
its not mindless violence its justified punishment

It'll never stop unless you stop it by force
Track Name: Ally
when you're living in a world of ignorance and bigots its hard to set your self apart from all the bullshit

you are my ally and even though you can't relate you refuse to stand by and tolerate injustice when you see it you chose to stand up and fight cause you know that shit aint right

but the few who stand up and stand in restore in faith into the place we're inhabiting you best believe I'll be alright on my own but I'm glad to see that you're not another clone

you are my ally

side by side we fight this fight
hand in hand we'll win this war
Track Name: Mindless
I realize my flaw but use it to my advantage i pin point your weakness and I start coin damage. No one is spared from the havoc i created its shared equally to those who cant relate

Not that hard to break into the mind when your days are long and you got all this time. I wanna ruin your sense of stability and all your thoughts and views of positivity

I'm in your head but not by force your will is weak while mine is fucking strong

I don't care what you think about what I do and Ill never hold myself back because of your rules. I'll go on with my plan and I will not give up your thoughts are not sacred and I must disrupt

mindless you're fucking mindless

In a line single file
you are the herd and I kill the cattle
you're weak
Track Name: Inside 19
I try to stray from ever looking helpless even though sometimes its true I feel alone and I dont wanna see guidance I wanna find a potential grave to hide in

who do I ask and how do i do it its more than getting out the words
Its making sense of all thoughts
that wont go away
that keep me up all night
and plague me through the day

I couldn't end it knowing my mom would cry
knowing my sister would grow up with her best friend
knowing my dad would stay up wondering why
But I wish I could escape their minds
And be a stranger in their eyes
Oh what i'd do everyday just to disappear from their lives

But I have people like you just know how it is
they don't tell me its gonna be alright
they don't tell me I'll get through fine
they tell me itll hurt and that's just life
I feel reassured cause I got your back and I know you got mine

Maybe one day I'll do it myself but when I feel like I want out you bring me back no matter how much I refuse you

Cause I'm 19 with no fucking clue about where I'm at or what I'm gonna do but as long as you believe in me I know Ill find a way to overcome
Ill make you proud in the long run